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Interface ELM

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I cannot connect to the ELM interface or to the vehicle!

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017
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If the problem occurs with a ELM chip based interface, it is due to a wrong configuration:

  • Select in the menu: OBD interface->Preferences
  • In OBD interface select ELM interface and Automatic OBD search
  • In Communication port select Use a serial port, scroll to the appropriate port in the list (refer to the port used by your ELM in the Device Manager) and set the speed up to 115200 - progressively reduce the speed if the connection is impossible (57600, 38400, etc…)


If you still cannot connect to the interface or to the vehicle, send us a connection log. We will try to figure out your problem. To do so:

  • Click on OBD interface->Preferences in the OBDuCAN software menu
  • Tick the Log on the communications box and fill the log file destination folder out
  • Leave the maximum size at 4000Ko
  • Do not tick the box: Truncate the existent log file
  • Start up the vehicle (dashboard lights switched on) and try to connect to the vehicle.
  • Shut the OBDuCAN software down.
  • Send us your log file (named Trace.log by default) in an attached file at Please specify your vehicle references, your interface references and the connection type (USB, bluetooth).

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