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What distinguishes OBDuCAN kit from the other products sold on the internet?

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jeudi 22 juin 2017
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jeudi 22 juin 2017
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The OBDuCAN kit has nothing to do with the mainstream products sold on the internet.

Whereas a ELM chip based interface only allows to access to an eOBD generic interrogation mode on the engine part, OFora, thanks to its tecnical characteristics, also opens the access to manufacturer information and to all the vehicle onboard calculators. This means that the OBDuCAN + OFora duo can diagnose vehicles anterior to the year 2000, vehicles which are incompatible with eOBD/OBD2, VL or PL... that is to say almost 100% of the european car fleet!

As you can read on our website presentation page, the OBDuCAN team developed a software as well as the electronical part of the interface. It means that we know deeply the product and that we will be able to adapt it to tecnological evolutions or to users comments.

This kit was thought and designed during several months to meet the mainstream demand, for private individuals or professionals. This is the reason why we payed particular attenttion to the quality at all levels :

  1. multilayer PCB and big brands electronic components - industrial assembly with high-tech materials made by a French leader of the sector
  2. Aluminium box painted and resitant to bumps, impacts and UV
  3. Armoured cable between the interface and the vehicle resistant in a technical environment
  4. Possibility to costomize the software, provided with a nice graphic designed interface, with access to functions simplified and data treatment optimized: easy to use and powerfull to maintain/fix a vehicle

This kit provides its user with two main security guarantees:

  • a reliable oroduct tried and tested with French technologies
  • the insurance to get a local technical support (software working, interface, guarantees, etc...)

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