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It is impossible to join the interface!

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During the first OBDuCAN use, you cannot connect to your vehicle and OBDuCAN indicates the following message in the status lower bar:

Impossible de joindre l'interface !

This message indicates that OBDuCAN could not join your ELM interface. If you are using an interface via a serial connection, it is probably due to a bad configuration of your COM communication port.

In order to change the communication port with the interface, click the button: Préférences...


Choix du port série

Do not tick the Display port names without decoration box, this way you will only see the active ports on your computers.

The grey over ports cannot be used because the associated pilot do not work normally or is unavailable.

In the Port drop-down menu, pick the communication port used by your interface.

In most cases, the 38400 bauds speed is satisfactory. On modern computers it is very rare to have to change the default speed.

If there is no COM port that matches your material interface, it is because the pilot linked to this communication isn't working properly.

Open your Windows® Device Manager

Gestionnaire de périphériques

Then verify that your pilot is functionnal by selecting the port Property option with a mouse right click.

If the port is not working normally you will need to speak to you interface seller. The seller must give you a pilote which will work properly with the equipment.


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